Getting Bedroom Renovations

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. We spend much of our time there sleeping, watching TV, and so on. Anyone who is looking to buy a house will definitely pay close attention to a bedroom. A renovated bedroom can give your house the edge it needs over competition in the housing market. But even if you aren’t selling your house, a good renovation to your bedroom can still make you happier, inspired, and relaxed.

Bedroom renovations are comparatively cheap renovations to make when compared to rooms such as attics or kitchens. In many cases, all you may have to do is repaint or add or remove furniture. It isn’t uncommon for no major (and more importantly, expensive) changes to be made during a bedroom renovation.

So where and how do we start a bedroom renovation? As is true with any renovation, plans must be made that detail the function, purpose, and ultimate goal of the room. Think about what you’d like the bedroom to become. Do you want it to have a certain style or theme? How do you want the room to make you feel? How will you utilize tools such as light from windows and the size of the room?

If you are planning to stay in your house, also consider what the room can’t be. For example, perhaps you share the room with a spouse or a pet. Perhaps your spouse hates the color green and the black linen you were planning on will hate your Dalmatian shedding. Also consider purposes the room may serve. If you’re room doubles as a study, you may want to consider getting a better, more functional desk that will match your new room design.

Below is a list of some items you may add to any bedroom in your renovation endeavors:

Walls: Painting the walls of a house isn’t too expensive. Depending on where you live, prices change. However, they are usually under one dollar per square foot. Wall color may be the most important factor in painting a room. Quite a few scientific studies show that certain colors affect us psychologically. For example, yellow rooms make babies cry more often, being that yellow is seen as a warning color. Anyway, it’s important to think about how the colors you choose in your room will affect you- It can make your room that much more fun to be in.

Art: Tasteful artwork can make a huge difference in a room. It can also be very cheap at flea markets, eBay, or other second hand sellers.

Linens and curtains: The color, quality, and design of your linens and curtains can make a big difference in the appearance of any bedroom when selectively chosen. Choose in accordance to the theme of your bedroom. Also, note that curtains can be effective in controlling the light source to the bedroom.

Redesigning a Bedroom

Redesigning a bedroom isn’t too expensive. It will raise the value of your house and give you a nice place to spend a large chunk of your time. With a tub of paint, a bit of de-cluttering, a painting or two, and some new bed sheets, you can have a room with a completely different personality.